The CTO Show

A podcast that will be interesting for technical leaders.

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    Episode 7: Hywel Carver - CTO at BridgeU

    In this episode of the CTO Show, I talk about company culture, hiring, startups, and computer things with BridgeU CTO/Founder, Hywel Carver.

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    Episode 6: Patrick McKenzie

    Inspired by a Tweetstorm authored by Patrick, this episode discusses why the processes of hiring and interviewing developers are broken and what companies can do to improve these practices.

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    Episode 4: Andy Croll - Consultant & Organiser of Brighton Ruby

    In this episode of the Sarah Mei fan podcast, I talk to Andy Croll about Sarah Mei's talk at Brighton Ruby, running a conference, working remotely, Sarah Mei's talk at Brighton Ruby, hiring developers, empathy, and Sarah Mei's talk at Brighton Ruby.

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    Episode 3: Florian Gilcher - CEO of Asquera

    In this episode I'm joined by Florian Gilcher, CEO of Asquera. We talk about consulting, organising conferences, databases, elasticsearch, Rust, and a boatload of other things.

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    Episode 1: Stephen Bartholomew - Tech Lead at Really English

    In the first Episode of the CTO show, I talk shop with Steve Bartholomew (tech lead at Really English) about hiring, meetings, working remotely and a boatload of other technical leadership things. You're going to like this.